A Little Rant On Fake-Support Friends


It all began when a friend of mine visited me (it had been a while), and whilst we were catching up she made a point of mentioning that she had not yet liked my Facebook page. At first I brushed the comment off and told her it was okay because she is after all my friend, yet after a while something about her words bugged me. First of all, the very fact that she had mentioned it. Upon reflection it seemed to me that her words had been delivered so as to sound endearing, but in a fake way. Like she was soothing the sting by telling me what I wanted to hear. “I have not liked her page or read anything she has written in the past year but maybe if I promise her I will do all that really soon, she’ll love me enough to eat lunch with me today.” Secondly, that she kept asking me why I am not posting my blogs on Facebook (which I usually do from time and had in fact done that week). Now this made me wonder whether it would be so hard for her to type in the blog url and visit The Writer Girl’s Diary herself, or God forbid–subscribe to my feed all together. All at once, I got a scent of BS. Continue reading