My Kitchen Playlist


A while back me and my best friend from college were talking about life and how utterly sucky it can be sometimes when we discovered that we share a mutual interest: singing. Specifically, singing whilst doing household chores. Mostly off-key and imagining we are superstars. A lot of times to the chagrin of anyone nearby (her neighbours, my mother). And even more specifically, in the evening when we are preparing supper :D Continue reading

Emma Watson & The He For She Campaign


The internet was recently abuzz over a speech British actress Emma Watson gave on behalf of the UN as a way to launch the organization’s He for She campaign. The initiative seeks to encourage men to become more active participants in the global fight for women’s rights because both genders suffer sexual discrimination in one form or the other. The point is to find true equality by mediating between the warring factions of both extreme feminism and misogyny. Continue reading