A Shopping Date



Today my mum and I went to do a little shopping at the mall. It was enjoyable not so much because we bought what we wanted, but because it has been so long since the two of us did something like this together that the trip had an added nostalgic feel to it. And when is nostalgia ever bad? I was glad because I got to pick up a few things I’ve been timing for a while now–nothing too exciting. Unless of course you consider a plain black tee and pyjama bottoms exciting because that is exactly what I got. Yay! Continue reading

September Updates


Hi guys!

I’ve missed you! I know that it’s only been just over a week but to me it feels much longer, haha. I began September with the vague idea to take time out from a lot of things and just think. You know, think. Meditate. Pray. Not socialize too much. Basically be a 21st Century semi-monk. So here’s me checking in and letting you know where all this thinking has taken me. Continue reading

Let’s Talk TV!


I have rambled so much about movies on this blog that I thought I would talk about some of my favourite telly shows. We have grown up watching a lot of foreign shows because local Kenyan productions had been put in the back burner for many years, probably picking up steam in the mid 2000s. This of course means that for most of my childhood I was used to productions from the US and UK, not to mention countries like Australia, New Zealand, India, Canada and telenovelas from a variety of South American countries. Continue reading