Let’s Talk TV!


I have rambled so much about movies on this blog that I thought I would talk about some of my favourite telly shows. We have grown up watching a lot of foreign shows because local Kenyan productions had been put in the back burner for many years, probably picking up steam in the mid 2000s. This of course means that for most of my childhood I was used to productions from the US and UK, not to mention countries like Australia, New Zealand, India, Canada and telenovelas from a variety of South American countries. Continue reading

How To Fear Less, For Life


Are you feeling as freaked out about the state of the world as I am? The Middle East? Ebola? Terrorists running amok and blowing us up? Racial discrimination, warring political factions, famine, natural disasters and the depression that comes with modern living? If so, read on comrade!

I borrowed this self-help/motivational book from my brother-in-law a while back and boy has it taken me long to sink my teeth into it! Continue reading

50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind (II)



This is the follow up to the last post where I tackled 25 of 50 thought-provoking questions. In this one I will complete the questions starting from number 26, and let me tell ya that this bunch proved to be much, much harder than last times quiz! So here goes, buckle up for yet another long read, and don’t forget to really give them a go yourself :D Continue reading